'Iron Maiden' Mech Warsuit

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3D printable STL files for the 'IRON MAIDEN' MECH WARSUIT model.


The 'IRON MAIDEN' Warsuit is a multi-pose SciFi-themed tabletop miniature that was designed to be as modular as possible.

The model is optimized for 28mm scale gaming, giving the warsuit a total height of ca. 60mm when standing upright.

This item comes with:

• 49 individual STL files that give you maximum flexibility in setting up a pose, including a print file for a solid 50mm diameter base

• An assembly instruction PDF that explains the basic assembly steps in detail

The STL files come as pre-supported, as well as unsupported variants, giving you the option to set up your own print settings.

Total file size: 647MB 

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Important Note: By purchasing this item, you will receive the STL files that allow you to 3D print this model yourself, not an actual physical model.